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MATLAB Campuslizenz   RWTH

Which license type is the campus license?

For students, employees and institutes

The campus license can be used by all users as a standalone license. After the installation, you can use MATLAB anytime and anywhere off-campus (that means you do not have to use the RWTH-network anymore). You just need a fee MathWorks account.

For institutes

Institutes can still use the floating license (network license). That means, when MATLAB starts up, a license is borrowed from a license server of the IT Center, and it is returned when MATLAB is closed. So, it is necessary that you are in the RWTH-Network or you connect to it by using a VPN-Connection.

For the network license you can also use the borrowing. That means, you can borrow licenses for 30 days from the license server. During the period, it is possible to work without a connection to the RWTH-Network. A renewal of the license - during or after the period - is possible of course.