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What is MATLAB?

MATLAB is a cross-platform software mainly used for solving mathematical-technical problems. MATLAB's strength is the computation with matrices, which also indicates its name MATrix LABoratory.

MATLAB offers with toolboxes great expansion capabilities, so that the field of application is significantly extended. For example, it is possible to solve mechanical, statistical or controlling problems, or to work with symbolic calculation. MATLAB's possibilities are nearly unlimited: Solving economic or biological problems is not a problem.

An important toolbox, for which further blocksets are available, is Simulink. With Simulink, it is possible to model causal technical-physical systems and simulate them. By coupling with other development tools (e.g. Dymola or Simpack), by Hardware-In-The-Loop simulations or by creating a source code, e.g. for a microcontroller straight from Simulink, an integrated development is allowed.